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The Test You Are In & How You Win (Part 4)
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The Test You Are In & How You Win
My Cup Overflows

We are the Isaac generation! In these last days the Bride of Jesus Christ will be completely united in preparation for the return of our Groom. When the household of Faith (Abraham & Sarah) is united this produces the promise  - JOY (Isaac means Laughter). For the Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom 14:17).

At The House of Joy we preach the Word of Faith (Rom 10) and the Word of His Grace (Acts 20) with the mission of bringing people into the reality of Joy in the Holy Spirit (into the Kingdom). 

The Father is looking for people who will believe Him and inherit the promises. People who will not bow to the world and to the corrupt anti-Christ agenda. People who will rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks (1 Thes 5:16-18).


Join us to see this city and this world transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 


Getting plugged into the Body is crucial. Check out our weekly events below and join us! You have a role to play in seeing Ada Saved. Child Care is provided for each in-person event.

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